Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I am so happy right now with the big grin in my face :D i just read the email sent to me by miss Kim Sparks of Practical Scrappers and Sketches in Thyme telling me that my blog is being featured over at Practical Scrappers Blog Feature. i love it!please please come and visit Practical Scrappers and read all about it here.
thank you miss Kim.
i feel like scrapping tonight! Goodnight and God Bless.



MommaSaid said...

Congratulations! I'm reading your blog feature now, but decided to quickly pop over on her link to your blog, too. Your pages are so beautiful and inspirational. It is an honor you definitely deserve!

Dawn said...

Just popped in and read the article, I am thrilled to see you featured, you are just so talented.