Thursday, June 24, 2010

some layouts to share

Good afternoon! hope you all are having a wonderful day! it's hot and sunny here. Not loving it too much right now because i have a terrible headache and stiff neck. anyways, i still managed to finished a couple of layout and these are for Weekly Old Pagemap # 17 happening at
This first layout is a photo of my dear husband and two dear sons taken at Universal Studio, CA 2008. I just adore this photo of them holding hands while walking.
Journaling reads:
Walking down the winding path
I hold tight to Daddy's hand
His firm but gentle grip makes me
Feel safe like nothing else can
I don't know where we are going
But my Daddy knows the way
He leads us down the path that's right
And will not let us stray
I hold on to his hand tightly
I know he won't let me fall
For my Daddy is the biggest and the strongest of them all
I don't ever have to worry
When I hold his hand in mine
Because I know he will protect
And love me for all time
-authorSharon Froese
this second layout is a photo of me and my son, joseph. I wanted to make this really simple and i love how it turned out. i love the blues and creams together with the hint of red and green.
Journaling reads:
"-delighted, pleased, or glad; characterized by or indicative of pleasure, contentment, or joy...just how i feel when i'm with you..."

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Debbie said...

Love the mix of paper on your first layout! Absolutely love the second layout. I have that paper and have shied away from using it. Great photos and I love your flowers.